Qi Zhang

Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
AI Institute
University of South Carolina
Email:    qz5@cse.sc.edu
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I am joining the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of South Carolina this Fall 2020.
I am also affliated with the AI Institute at the university.
I am looking for highly-motivated students to work with me. Feel free to drop me an email!

Hi, I got my Ph.D. from the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of Michigan. I was fortunate to be advised by Edmund Durfee and Satinder Singh. I obtained my undergraduate degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

My research aims for solutions for coordinating systems of decision-making agents (e.g., robots, sensors, humans) operating in uncertain, dynamic environments. As hand engineered solutions for such environments often fall short, I use ideas from planning and reinforcement learning to develop and analyze algorithms that autonomously coordinate agents in an effective, trustworthy, and communication-efficient manner. In particular, I have been working on


Efficient Querying for Cooperative Commitments
(OptLearnMAS Workshop at AAMAS-20) Qi Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh

Semantics and Algorithms for Trustworthy Commitment Achievement under Model Uncertainty [link]
(JAAMAS-20) Qi Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh

Modeling Probabilistic Commitments for Maintenance Is Inherently Harder than for Achievement [pdf]
(AAAI-20) Qi Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh

Learning to Communicate and Solve Visual Blocks-World Tasks [pdf]
(AAAI-19) Qi Zhang, Richard Lewis, Satinder Singh, Edmund Durfee

Challenges in the Trustworthy Pursuit of Maintenance Commitments under Uncertainty [pdf]
(Trust Workshop at AAMAS-18) Qi Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh

Minimizing Maximum Regret in Commitment Constrained Sequential Decision Making [pdf, arXiv]
(ICAPS-17) Qi Zhang, Satinder Singh, Edmund Durfee

Commitment Semantics for Sequential Decision Making Under Reward Uncertainty [pdf]
(IJCAI-16) Qi Zhang, Edmund Durfee, Satinder Singh, Anna Chen, Stefan Witwicki

Incentivize Crowd Labeling under Budget Constraint [pdf]
(INFOCOM-15) Qi Zhang, Yutian Wen, Xiaohua Tian, Xiaoying Gan, Xinbing Wang

Quality-Driven Auction based Incentive Mechanism for Mobile Crowd Sensing [pdf]
(IEEE TVT-2015) Yutian Wen, Jinyu Shi, Qi Zhang, Xiaohua Tian, Zhengyong Huang, Hui Yu, Yu Cheng, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen